New Construction

Not all buyers want to move into a space that’s been previously lived in. Instead, they prefer a brand new build where everything, from the floors to the appliances, has yet to be touched. There are many attractive aspects to a new construction home, from low upfront maintenance to builder warranties. Most notably, new construction follows modern trends, ensuring homeowners can get the best of what builders are offering.

  • Brand new flooring, counters, and appliances

  • Choose custom designs and colors, both inside and out

  • Move-in ready once the sale is finalized

Explore New Construction Homes


Why Choose New Construction?

Builder Warranty

All new construction homes come with a builders warranty that protects against specific defects. This minimizes the headache should something malfunction shortly after moving in.

High-End Amenities

New construction homes provide the latest and greatest in amenities and accommodations, from modern community amenities to up-to-date finishings in your property.

Personalize Your Space

Make the space yours. Many builders allow buyers to customize their homes with custom flooring, various paint colors, different countertop styles, and more. 

Smart Home Integration

With prebuilt and older homes, implementing smart home technology can be difficult and costly. New construction homes can come with these options built in or with the necessary wiring installed.

Spotlight Communities

New home communities seem to be popping up everywhere. These select few represent some of the best, with a variety of floorplans and community amenities perfect for buyers of all types. Whether you’re looking for a new construction home with all the fixings or something a little more simplistic, these spotlight communities should have something that appeals to you.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

New construction homes won’t stay on the market forever. It’s time to choose your lot and start thinking about how you want your new home to be designed and laid out. Think there’s a community you want to see? Contact The Integrity Team today for a free tour of new construction homes in Oakland.