Homes on Land

Homes on more than one acre of land are the best option for homeowners looking for ample privacy and an outdoor space made for entertaining or connecting with nature. Expansive properties offer a variety of opportunities for homeowners looking for comfortable and practical living both inside and out. The Integrity Team is available to showcase Oakland County’s homes on land, which provide prospective buyers with:

  • More than an acre of property

  • Ample multi-use land

  • Greater distances between neighbors

Explore Homes on Land


Why Choose Homes on Land?

Multi-Purpose Land

With more than an acre of property, you can get creative with how you use it. Grow your own food, build external storage, use it for entertainment, or decorate it as a peaceful getaway.

Room to Grow

Having more land allows you to expand upon your home without crowding your property. Want to add extensions? You’ll have the space to do so.

Connect with Nature

Right outside your backyard is a stretch of property brimming with life. Embrace nature and enjoy the peacefulness of your acreage.

Privacy Without Unsightly Barriers

Homes on land are typically far apart from neighbors, giving you plenty of privacy without having to build tall fences. You’ll enjoy quieter living with neighbors that are far away.

Spotlight Communities

Vast greenery stretches throughout parts of Oakland County, and it’s in these pockets that The Integrity Team has found communities that favor large plots. These communities offer plenty of acreage and a variety of home sizes to fit every buyer’s needs.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Home?

If it’s time to move from your urban neighborhood or find a quieter space to live, Oakland County has a great selection of homes on land. Give us a call when you’re ready to tour some of our current listings.